HERPES on the lips


Why is herpes on the lips dangerous?

In most cases, herpes on the lips is not dangerous, but only spoils the appearance of the face. But when a disease strikes a person who has immune problems, it escalates into something more.

For example, persons with immunodeficiency, a history of oncology, after a recent organ transplant, may undergo a total virus attack on the entire body.

And then there will be severe injuries up to such serious diseases as meningitis and encephalitis.

It should be understood that the herpes virus is actually not localized in the places of the rash, but circulates in the body. Therefore, it is almost impossible to defeat him.

But if you start treatment on time and act correctly, there is a good chance to prolong the time of remission and prevent further outbreaks of the disease.

Herpes is no less dangerous in childhood, since at this time the body suffers the disease with great complications.

This means that it is better not to joke and treat the problem in time, without expecting that everything will be resolved on its own. That said, it is important to seek professional medical attention rather than practice unproven treatments.

Is it possible to get rid of herpes permanently?

Many people know that herpes is a chronic disease. The virus invades cells and settles there at the genetic level. This means that it is impossible to destroy it completely.

But the body will always try to defeat foci of division and outbreaks of infection. Therefore, the fight against the disease can be quite successful.

It is important not so much to defeat the virus itself as to prevent it from multiplying in the body and forming foci of ulceration on the mucous membrane and other places.

How to cure herpes on the lips - quickly

If the first symptoms appear that the herpes virus has begun its next exacerbation (lips tingle, itch, wounds form), it is better to immediately go to the appropriate specialist so that he can determine the severity of the disease and prescribe adequate and effective treatment.

If you start taking medications when the symptoms of herpes have just appeared, and the disease is completely in its infancy, the formation of bubbles may stop or not even begin.

But, you need to know what medicines you need to use to get rid of herpes on the lips.

herpes on the lips

The classic scheme of treatment and fight against herpes on the lips

As soon as the primary signs of herpes appear on the lips (these include tingling and itching), antiviral ointment is applied.

For those who have quite regularly exacerbations of herpes, it is better to purchase such drugs in advance and have them with you, especially when traveling, when climatic conditions change, and the body is not ready for such changes.

They all have a common principle of action - they contain acyclovir, which kills the virus. The structure of the drug is similar to an element of human DNA, so the virus attaches itself to it, but then dies, unable to function and multiply normally.

It is very simple to apply the ointment - you need to spread it with a cotton swab on the area of the rash. Further, periodically, when the old portion of the medicine is absorbed, a new one is introduced.

Due to the fact that the drug acts quickly and effectively, bubbles and ulcers can be eliminated in a short time.

In case of delay in starting treatment for herpes, the next stage is the appearance of bubbles and further ulceration in the area of the corners of the mouth.

In this case, it will take more than one day to remove these problems, since the tissues must be restored. They also begin to take tablets with acyclovir and ointments.

Of course, local remedies are much better than internal ones, since they act directly on the site of inflammation and do not spread through the blood throughout the body.

Even pregnant and lactating women can take acyclovir creams and ointments because they are safe. But in order to cure herpes faster and more effectively, it is better to take pills that work harder.

At the same time, it is important to consult with your doctor before starting treatment, since taking antiviral drugs internally may not always be the right decision.

When the blisters with herpes begin to open, at this stage the peak of the viral disease is observed, so it will not be possible to cure it quickly.

Sometimes, after healing of subsequent ulcers, scars even remain. Therefore, at this stage, you need to help yourself as much as possible to get rid of the problem and strengthen the immune system.

In addition to taking antiviral drugs, they begin to use immunoglobulins and vitamins. This will also help to avoid infecting people around you.

It is also recommended to start practicing the use of traditional medicines. So, products based on celandine and calendula dry well and heal the skin.

Chamomile has a good anti-inflammatory effect, the use of which speeds up recovery.

Pharmacy medicines for herpes

Pharmacy medicines for herpes - which drug to choose?

When taking gels, creams, ointments, tablets with different degrees of effectiveness, the development and reproduction of the herpes virus in the human body is inhibited.

Thanks to this, the number of adverse symptoms decreases until the onset of long-term remission.

Herpes pills can be taken from 2 years old. But patients should remember that antiviral therapy has many side effects. So, fluid can begin to accumulate in the body, forming edema, often an allergic reaction occurs.

And this means that there must be a clear reasoning why it is necessary to take antiherpetic drugs in tablets.


The active substance is characterized by its introduction into the virus for its further destruction. For adults, it is enough to take 0.25-2 g of medication to achieve success in treatment.

The number of tablets per day, as well as the duration of treatment, are best coordinated with your doctor, who will determine the stage of the disease and the degree of the body's susceptibility to treatment.

If the patient has problems with the activity of the kidneys, liver, it is worth considering this when choosing a dosage.

As for elderly patients, it is recommended that they drink a lot of fluids when using this antiviral agent.


If a person has herpes, the doctor often prescribes this drug. It is based on famciclovir, an antiviral agent that quickly enters the bloodstream and turns into penciclovir there.

This active ingredient destroys the herpes pathogen. The advantage of the drug is the ability to take it at any time, regardless of food intake.

Usually, the patient is prescribed 0.25 g of the substance for three times a day. The course of treatment is a week. But some doctors may prescribe a different regimen if the situation differs from the standard one.


A classic antiviral drug that is embedded in viral DNA and destroys it. The internal form of the medicine is good in that it penetrates equally into all tissues of the body, where it fights the virus.

The course of treatment is usually five days. The treatment regimen is as follows - tablets with a dosage of 0.2 g are taken 5 times a day, that is, every 4 hours. If the patient has a severe form of herpes, the doctor may increase the course of treatment.


Genital herpes, being a special case of herpes infection, belongs to the most common sexually transmitted diseases, and differs from other diseases of this group in the lifelong carriage of the pathogen in the human body, which determines a high percentage of the formation of recurrent forms of the disease.

Transmission routes

Transmission is usually carried out through close contact with a sick person or a virus carrier. The virus penetrates through the mucous membranes of the genitals, urethra, rectum or skin microcracks.

In couples where one of the partners is infected, the likelihood of the second partner becoming infected within a year is 10%. In most cases, infection occurs when the infected partner has not had a clinically significant recurrence of genital herpes. Asymptomatic and unrecognized forms of infection play an important role in the spread of the virus. The virus can be secreted with sperm, cases of infection of women during artificial insemination are described. Speaking about the ways of transmission of the virus, it is necessary to note the important epidemiological significance of oral-genital contacts, which are associated with an increase in the frequency of isolation of type 1 herpes from the organs of the genitourinary system.

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