How to treat herpes on the lips

How to treat herpes on the lips

How the virus enters our body

The herpes virus, as a rule, a person can become infected while still in the womb or during contact with a sick person (through contact, common utensils, personal hygiene products, less often by airborne droplets).

After entering the body, the virus goes to the nerve cells and dies down there for a while (persistent state). With a decrease in the body’s defenses, it “wakes up” and begins to multiply vigorously, which ultimately leads to characteristic rashes in the area of the lips or other parts of the body.

The following most common factors increase the vulnerability of our body to the herpes virus :

Hypothermia. This is probably why herpes on the lips is called a “cold”, as many people notice this pattern: overcooled – poured out.
Regular lack of sleep. Chronic lack of sleep leads, by and large, to the fact that the body is trying to somehow make up for lost time: attention is “sleeping”, mental activity, “trying to sleep” the immune system, which gives herpes a unique opportunity to go unnoticed by the guards. Of course, chronic lack of sleep does not lead to complete inactivity of immune cells, but it can suppress the immune system for a while .
Extensive use of external stimulants. As you know, a cup of coffee in the morning can invigorate and for a certain time increase efficiency, whip up the defenses. But this same cup of coffee can turn into an ordinary whip, which is used to spur it on. Against this background, if a person does not take care that his diet is balanced and the body receives all the substances important for normal life, then pretty soon the immune system will also malfunction, and the herpes virus will become active.
Chronic stress, depressed state of mind, depression. Emotions that depress the soul also reduce our defenses, as well as alcohol and smoking. If immunity suffers, the herpes virus multiplies rapidly.
Various diseases that suppress the immune system. A persistent and widespread herpes infection can be the hallmark of the human immunodeficiency virus or cancer.

How does herpes appear on the lips

The stage of slight tingling, burning in the lips. It can last from several hours to a day. If you start treatment at this stage, then the characteristic herpetic eruptions may not happen.
Inflammation stage. The lips turn red, swell, characteristic bubbles are formed.
Ulceration stage. Bubbles break open, ulcers appear. At this stage, the person is most infectious. The main complaints are pain or burning, children may refuse to eat.
The decay stage. At the site of the ulcers, crusts form, which first dry out, then disappear.

How to treat herpes at home

At the first stage, it is enough to use antiherpetic ointments, for example, “herpevir”, “acyclovir”, cycloferon liniment. Since these are medications, they must be used after consulting a doctor. These products can be applied to the surface of the red border of the lips for 5 days, as an infection may develop during this period.

At the stages of blistering and ulceration, along with antiviral agents, agents with drying properties can be prescribed: the usual solution of brilliant green, an alcohol solution of fucorcin, propolis.

If you open the bubbles yourself or peel off the crusts that form, then the herpes virus can spread to other parts of the face, including the eyes or eyelids. Special hygiene measures will not be superfluous : separate dishes, a towel. During the formation of crusts, you can use drugs that soften the skin: fir oil, cream with chamomile or calendula.

Adequate sleep, an optimistic outlook on life, refusal of excessive consumption of coffee or alcohol will help strengthen the defenses and quickly defeat the “cold on the lips”.

Which doctor to contact

When a herpetic rash appears on the lips, it is recommended to consult a dermatologist. In case of a “cold” that appears more often than twice a year, it is necessary to consult an infectious disease specialist and an immunologist to identify the causes of the disease and more active treatment.

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