Once settled in the body, he remains with a person for his entire life. The virus slumbers in the cells of the nervous system, but from time to time it wakes up and begins to act. It is impossible to kill him or drive him out of the body forever. But anyone can learn to live with him.


Experts believe: there is nothing wrong with the diagnosis of “herpes disease” if exacerbations occur 1-2 times a year. Even a disease in this case can be called a stretch. According to the WHO, today there are 86 million registered people in the world infected with the herpes simplex virus. In reality, 9 out of 10 people are affected by it. And what – to consider everyone as sick?

Another thing is that exacerbations – the very bubbles on the lips, in intimate places and on those parts of the body where, by your own carelessness, you can bring the virus – cause a lot of inconvenience due to the location: this is a forced refusal of sex, and an unattractive external view. But nothing more. We are mostly intimidated: pregnant women, when antibodies to the herpes virus are detected, are recommended to have an abortion, patients by eye, without a thorough preliminary examination, are prescribed immunomodulatory drugs and assure that herpes causes severe damage to internal organs … Due to the incompetence of individual specialists, a real herpesophobia. But in most cases these fears are greatly exaggerated.

Liver, kidneys and other organs of a healthy person are not threatened by “cold” on the lips at all.

A serious threat to the life and health of the fetus arises only if a woman contracted herpes for the first time during pregnancy. And genital herpes is not fatal. It does not cause disruption of the work of internal organs and is transmitted to another person only during the period of relapse.

Perhaps the most unpleasant in terms of consequences can be considered herpes zoster caused by the zoster virus. After an exacerbation, postherpetic neuralgia often develops, which is treated for a long time and is difficult, especially if antiviral treatment was started late. The zoster virus enters the body with chickenpox infection in children. So if you have had it, do not hesitate, you have a virus and is waiting in the wings. The only thing that calms down is that for its activation, really serious reasons are needed – aging of the body, when the immune system weakens naturally, or secondary immunodeficiencies resulting from organ transplantation, radiation and chemotherapy.


With herpes, you need to eat more foods with a high content of the essential amino acid – lysine: dairy products, meat, eggs, soybeans, potatoes , wheat germ, lentils. Studies have shown that a daily intake of 1248 mg of lysine reduces the frequency of relapses by about 2.4 times. Foods that contain a high content of another amino acid, arginine, are harmful to herpes patients. These are peanuts, chocolate, raisins, some cereals. The balance between dishes with a high content of amino acids and natural alkalis is also important. The former include meat dishes, the latter – dishes made from fruits, vegetables, and legumes. An imbalance will instantly lead to a relapse, so every acidic dish must be seized with an alkaline one.


If herpes on the lips or in the genital area bothers no more than 4 times a year, then no serious examinations and interventions in the immune system are required. You just need to learn how to quickly and effectively relieve exacerbations, strictly follow the rules of antiherpetic safety and carry out a set of preventive measures to “lull” the virus.

Trying to remove the herpes virus from the body is useless. Even with a full blood transfusion, the virus will remain. After all, he lives in the nerve plexuses, and no medicine can drive him out of there.

  • Many are trying to cope with rashes on the lips with folk remedies – they apply a heated spoon, burn with alcohol, corvalol, brilliant green, smear the bubbles with earwax or toothpaste. The latter are most preferable, since sulfur, brilliant green, and paste dry out ulcers and contribute to the early formation of crusts. Attention! First, you need to lubricate the area around and only then the sore itself, and strictly with the help of a cotton swab. The concentration of viruses in this area is very high, and you can easily transfer them to other areas of the skin. It is not recommended to heat sore spots (with alcohol or a spoon), you can get a burn with scars on the skin.
  • If herpes bothers too often, the area of the rash increases, brilliant green, ointments and creams do not help, you should consult a doctor. At least in order to get a prescription for an antiviral drug that is not available commercially. After all, there are means that easily and quickly bring the virus to a state of hibernation – stop its rapid reproduction. They relieve swelling, accelerate healing without crusting.

Doctors do not recommend getting vaccinated against herpes. A herpes vaccine exists, but its effectiveness is questionable.

  • It is good to take vitamins in combination with antiviral drugs . 600 mg of vitamin C and 600 mg of B vitamins 3 times a day for 3 days, started in the prodromal period, leads to the disappearance of symptoms. Vitamin E helps to reduce pain and speed up the healing of ulcers. It is applied in the form of an oil solution to the affected areas for 15 minutes. After half an hour, the pain subsides. If itching and tingling resumes, the procedure must be repeated. Zinc when taken twice a day for 6 weeks at 25 mg together with 250 mg of vitamin C reduces the frequency and duration of relapses.
  • Plant extracts of Eleutherococcus, Ginseng, Echinacea, Mumiyo, Pantocrine have a stimulating effect: they increase the production of leukocytes, normalize the ratio between their subspecies, and accelerate the process of repairing damaged cells. Pills, extracts, and alcoholic tinctures are suitable. All of them contribute to an increase in the duration of the relapse-free period, but as the only means in the treatment of exacerbations are not effective.
  • If exacerbations occur more than 4-5 times a year or generalization of the process begins – rashes appear on other and very large areas of the body, an immunological examination should be carried out, the nature of the “breakdown” should be determined, and immune preparations should be prescribed.


Herpes is protected from the simplest rules that everyone knows, but never follows.


  • Hypothermia . Don’t want to sprinkle your lips – dress for the weather. Start hardening only in autumn and gradually. No shock treatments!
  • Overheat in the sun . If you have a tendency to herpes, you do not need to celebrate the New Year in Cuba and rest in the south in July and August.
  • Get carried away with beer . Beer is a provocateur: 3-4 mugs can, with other factors, cause an exacerbation of herpes. Previously, beer was even used to identify latent gonorrhea: if you drank it, everything became aggravated. Effervescent drinks are also not recommended: they contain under-oxidized products, free radicals, which indirectly affect the immune system.


  • Drink vitamin complexes , preferably every year from October to April.
  • Treat chronic diseases. An exacerbation of herpes is provoked by caries , sinusitis, tonsillitis, and even thrush. Any focus of infection or violation of the bacterial flora of the vagina – and, please, rashes will not keep you waiting.
  • Use condoms if you do not have a regular sex partner. The more unprotected contacts, the more different strains of the virus you collect and the more often relapses occur. It is more difficult to treat such exacerbations: what helped once will not save you, because each exacerbation is caused by different subtypes of the virus. Remember that you can also catch the virus through oral-genital contact.

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