Herpes: what is it and what drugs to use?

Herpes: what is it and what drugs to use?

Herpes is translated from Greek as “creeping”. At the moment, the urgency of this disease has not diminished. It occurs in more than 90% of the population.

What is herpes

The most common causes of problems are herpes simplex virus types 1 and 2. Type 1 is herpes on the lips, eyes and mouth. Type 2 is genital herpes and herpes of pregnant women and newborns.

How to understand that it is herpes?

Take the most commonplace herpes on the lips, for example. The first thing that a person feels is itching in the area of the lips (often he may not notice during the day). On the same day, redness and red spots appear. The next day, a bubble and edema appear at the site of redness. After 3-5 days, a crust forms at the site of the bursting bubbles. After 7-9 days, all symptoms disappear. Also, in the stage with bubbles, the temperature may rise to 37.5-38.5 C and pain may appear.

But for reliable confirmation of the diagnosis, a blood test is required for the presence of a specific reaction of the body to the virus (IgM), it will say that at the time of donating blood you have an acute period of illness.

With genital herpes, discharge from the genital tract and urethra is also taken for examination. Consultation of a specialist (dermatovenerologist) is required.

It is worth noting that the virus is not excreted from the body after the transferred chickenpox, but it remains to “live” in a certain part of our nervous system, so it makes no sense to be tested for Ig G.

How can you get infected

Infection occurs through the mucous membranes:

  • Lip
  • Mouth
  • Nose
  • Genitals
  • Eyes
  • Through the skin in contact with body fluids (saliva, urine, semen, tears, nasal discharge, directly from the liquid from the herpes bladder).

That is, most often, infection occurs with non-observance of hygiene and protection during intercourse. Also, when combing the bubbles that have already appeared, a skid occurs on new areas of the skin and mucous membranes.

A separate route of infection from mother to fetus, at the moment, it is mandatory to test for HSV-1,2 in planning pregnancy and pregnant women.

The infection affects the nervous system and is dangerous in its consequences for the body.

How to behave with herpes

Do not touch the rash with your hands, if touched, then immediately wash your hands.
Use separate dishes, cosmetics, and a towel.
Refrain from kissing and sexual intercourse.
Apply healing gels and ointments with a cotton swab, not with your hands.
Necessarily treat!

For reliable confirmation of the diagnosis, it is necessary to pass an analysis.


Consider in detail the groups of drugs for treatment

This group of drugs act directly on the cause, the virus itself. The course and regimen of admission are prescribed by the doctor after a comprehensive examination.

Tolerance to drugs is good enough, contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation. Just as carefully and under the supervision of a physician, use in persons with renal and hepatic insufficiency. For children, the dose is determined by the pediatrician based on the calculation by weight.

Interferon preparations:

Reaferon EC lipint
With a herpes infection, there is a decrease in the production of its own interferon alpha, which means a decrease in the body’s defenses against the virus.

There are practically no contraindications for this group. It is the main treatment for such a vulnerable group as pregnant and lactating women.

Interferon inducers:

  • Amiksin
  • Cycloferon
  • Anaferon
  • They are used to stimulate the production of their own interferon and avoid aggravating the course and spread of infection. Transferred well enough. Contraindications for each drug have a specific age indicated in the instructions.

Local antibacterial and antiviral drugs:

  • Grammidin
  • Lizobakt
  • Hexoral
  • These drugs are used for herpes lesions of the oral mucosa, have antibacterial, antiviral effects, and also relieve inflammation and relieve pain.

Ointment Zovirax and Zovirax Duo active

  • Viferon
  • Infagel
  • Panavir
  • Possess a local antiviral effect, Zovirax Duo Active, in combination with the hormone hydrocortisone, gives a quick relief of inflammation and, accordingly, pain, and also prevents new bubbles from forming. But since the composition contains a hormonal component, it is necessary to read the instructions very carefully. Only from 12 years old. Before applying any ointments and gels, it is necessary to cleanse the skin of cosmetics and impurities.

Immunomodulators under the control of an immunogram:

  • Polyoxidonium
  • Likopid
  • Only under the supervision of an immunologist.

Pain relievers:

  • Nurofen
  • Panadol
  • They relieve pain, inflammation and, if necessary, temperature.


  • Zodak
  • Claritin
  • Helps to avoid puffiness.

Vitamin complexes:

  • Vitrum
  • Complivit
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Also, you can separately highlight the herpes vaccine. It is shown to adults who suffer from herpes more than 3 times a year and a high titer of antibodies, the elderly, HIV-infected. Also, children who have not had chickenpox.

Treatment for pregnant women is selected depending on the duration of pregnancy, strictly by an obstetrician-gynecologist and depends on the severity of the course!

Herpes is a complex problem. The cause of recurrent or new-onset herpes is a decrease in immunity, hormonal changes.

The main prevention is to maintain the immune system:

  • Good nutrition,
  • Adequate amounts of meat, fish and vegetables.
  • Taking complex vitamin preparations containing necessarily: zinc, vitamin A, E, C.
  • It is necessary to control the level of iron in the blood.
  • The largest organ of our immune system is the intestines, it is necessary to maintain its work, if necessary, take pro- and prebiotics.
  • Have a regular sexual partner and follow the rules of hygiene.
  • In case of frequent recurrence of infection, vaccinate during periods of “calm”.
  • People with systemic diseases (type 1.2 diabetes mellitus, etc.) need control and maintenance of the underlying disease in the stage of compensation.

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